Emré is a lover of all things vintage – she wanted her dress to be fun, light, flowing and easy. Something that she could dance, jump and celebrate in. Her dream design would not be big, heavy or tightly constructed. Most importantly though – she wanted to take her handsome husband-to-be’s breath away! And she did just that!

Emré looked absolutely gorgeous in an antique nude and cream coloured creation. Stretch lining was over embellished with the most beautiful natural cotton lace – which extended into a rounded neckline and pretty short sleeves. A chunky golden zip detailed the lace-covered back – adding a touch of contemporary glamour to this vintage inspired creation. From just above her knees, flowed layers of soft tulle. A pair of flat leather brogues finished off the look perfectly – adding to the artful, folksy vibe of their rustic Grabouw wedding.

Absolutely love the look – a beautiful blend of old and new – GORGEOUS! If these stunning snap shots don’t satiate your senses – you can peruse some more photos on Alice Swan’s blog  (the lovely photographer behind these pics).

♥ A

Photography by Alice Swan Photography.