Imagine a beautiful backdrop of windmills, soft white sand and crystal blue waters. Imagine the celebratory sound of live instrumental music echoing along the narrow cobblestone street as you walk to meet and marry the love of your life. It sounds much like a scene penned by Jane Austen. It sounds…well…just perfect.

Yet this is not an excerpt from an elaborate tale. This is a story of beautiful bride, Zané. And their wedding destination, Mykonos in Greece – served as inspiration for this classic creation.

The Grecian’s are such passionate people – their lives a celebration of beauty and pleasure – a joy found in seemingly unremarkable experiences. Zané wanted a dress that mirrored their philosophy, their way of life. Beauty in its most uncomplicated form.

Hand beaded flowers were sporadically placed on her soft silk chiffon dress and beautifully bordered with silvery lace.  The bodice was slightly ruched and her shoulder was romantically adorned with lace. What a beautiful bride! An embodied Aphrodite. Absolutely Beautiful!

♥ A

Photography By Jenni Elizabeth.

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