Time and again I’ve listened as brides muse over how, as a young girl, they would envision their picture-perfect wedding dress. Now Lané is a very lucky woman! She didn’t only have 1, but 2 gorgeous wedding dresses!

Her first dress, inspired by Israeli bridal designer Inbal Dror  (who is famous for her form-fitting designs) was a mermaid style gown  – a slim fit wedding dress with a dropped waist all the way to the knees – tapering out with voluptuous volume. A dreamy veil, LOVELY laced back (which I just loved!!!) and a beautifully detailed corset produced a flattering, feminine and chic collective.

Her second suit sported a short front and long back – fashioned from sheets of magnificent tulle. It also featured a bare back and dazzling diamanté straps. This dress was a representation of Lané’s incredibly fun, friendly and flirty persona! She really is a beautiful woman inside and out!

A ♥