The name Branwen means beautiful raven, fair, blessed. How beautiful and how appropriate. Branwen is truly a woman who revels in her femininity. She is modern, strong, elegant and fashion forward. An admirer of Inbal Dror’s designs – her dream dress would be both regal and elegant. A beautiful conglomeration of french lace, fine fabrics and rich embroidery.

Branwen looked absolutely gorgeous in an antique cream chiffon wedding gown with elegantly elongated sleeves fashioned from beautifully beaded Chantilly lace. A deep V-neck plunged into pleated detail, meeting with a delicately embellished mid section – a beautiful blend of beaded Chantilly and corded lace, with accents of distinguished, delicate pieces of fine French lace. The skirt also had a classic train fashioned from Chantilly lace.

Soft, romantic, ageless… Branwen, the beautiful Raven.

♥ A

Photography by Du Wayne Photography.